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'Citizens Advice Anytown' trial enquiry forms

Feel free to try out the forms for yourself.  If you include your own email address a copy of your form input will be automatically sent to you.  Provided you view the results in html, you will see the format in which the information will come through to the bureau.

General Enquiry

Benefit Enquiry

Debt Enquiry

Employment Enquiry

Housing Enquiry

Relationship Breakdown Enquiry

Relationship Enquiry - Children

We are happy to listen to requests for changes to the forms and/or to introduce one or two other forms into the package.  Changes are implemented if the majority of users think them beneficial.

To see how the forms fit into an actual CAB website, take a look at the following examples:

opens in a new window East Hampshire Citizens Advice - Benefits

opens in a new window Citizens Advice Westminster - Debt