User feedback on Cambridge CAB's website has been excellent.

Their template is for sale. Get a similar site for your own bureau at a fraction of the cost.

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Cambridge Citizen's Advice Bureau website template

Cambridge CAB website has developed, over the past six years, into a useful tool for clients to seek advice and, where they are unable to find the answer themselves, they can email the bureau via the website, using forms supplied by Advise Online.

Based on input from staff and volunteers who regularly deal with email in the bureau, the site now takes the advice process a bit further.

A 3-step system avoids clients jumping straight to 'email', without making any effort to look for information themselves.

Because of interest from other CABx in the Cambridge website, a template has been made available, although please note that the design is not the same as their current Cambridge site.  An example of a site adapted from this template is at link opens in a new   

The template comes 'as is'.  It has everything bar the email forms* and any content that applies solely to Cambridge, to make it easy for the person building the site to decide what to leave in or take out.  CABx can either make use of Advise Online to 'personalise' the template to their own bureau's requirements or do it themselves.

* The Advise Online e-mail forms are an 'add-on' that can be incorporated into a site at any stage.  Several bureau using the template are not yet providing email advice but the option is there, with this template, for them to readily do so in the future.

Page Perfection (of which Advise Online is a part) deals with any requests for use of the design and will invoice any interested parties.


N.B.  The forms are exactly the same as those provided under our regular email pack for CABx.  The fee includes hosting on a secure server and any updates.