Citizens Advice Bureaux using our packages find giving advice by email a whole lot easier.

"We can deal with an email enquiry in far less time than a drop-in client."

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Please see our 'products'  page for more details about the e-mail package, how it would work for you and how you could fit it into an existing website.


Try out the 'Anytown CAB'opens in a new window e-mail test package.


Cambridge CAB has been using e-mail advice forms for over 6 years and they have found them to be a very useful tool.  The session managers find the process of dealing with the forms "efficient and effective" because advisers get the information they need 'up-front' and they can fit the enquiries in during quiet moments.  A further comment was that they can deal with them in far less time than a drop-in client!

The Cambridge CAB 3-step advice process

Cambridge CAB utilises a 3-step advice system on their website, which other CABx can license.  There is also a template, based on their previous website design, available for purchase, which includes the 3-step advice process.  Further information