Times are particularly hard for many CABs, so our pricing takes that into account.

We want to make service delivery both easier and cheaper for you.

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Citizens Advice Bureau e-mail package

Initial cost:  £150 per outlet (or e-mail address)

Districts with more than one outlet can opt to have just the one package but will then need to distribute the enquiries internally.

Renewal cost:  £75 per annum

The price includes hosting on a secure server and all updates, which have to be applied individually.

There is a feedback facility to enable you to suggest improvements to the service.

Possible extra costs: 

Other advice agencies

Please contact us for a quotation.

Price will depend on requirements and size of organisation. 

Forms are time consuming and thus expensive to produce.  However, if there are plenty of outlets, with the opportunity to sell the package widely, the unit cost will be far lower than if it is a one-off, bespoke design.