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The pack can tie into an existing website or we can design a new site for you.

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The product

The package that is currently on offer is for Citizens Advice offices, although similar resources can quite easily be developed for other organisations.

Produced with the intention of being able to link it into existing bureau websites, the package consists of e-mail enquiry forms covering the main areas of advice provided by CABx.

 We can, of course, design you a website to go along with the forms if you don't already have one or you want to update.

The e-mail forms ensure that bureau staff are provided with sufficient information to enable them to readily deal with an enquiry.

Please see the comments on providing advice via the use of e-mail forms, from Cambridge CAB staff.

The forms are comprehensive, with largely compulsory questions, some of which only appear if pertinent to a particular enquiry.  That way, clients are not overwhelmed by a very long form, much of which may be irrelevant to them. 

We can supply forms with the facility for clients to upload files to accompany the enquiry.  We don't do this automatically because it poses a bit of a security risk (the introduction of a virus by an unscrupulous user).

Bureaux receive the submission via e-mail.  Clients automatically receive an acknowledgement, with a copy of the details that they have provided.

Hosting of the forms is on a secure server, with encryption at the high level used by banks and other financial institutions.

To protect the bureau from spam, the send-to e-mail address is hidden from public or spy-bot view, and there is further protection in the shape of a 'captcha' box. 

Another advantage is that, unlike most, these forms do not retain any input once submitted.  It means that, if a client was completing one on a public computer, there is no danger of leaving sensitive information behind.

The whole package remains under scrutiny and development, with improvements made at no extra charge!

Comprehensive statistics are available, on request.

There are trial forms at 'Anytown CAB' opens in new window which you can view and play around with.  Please feel free to complete them with fictitious input, if you like.  The results will come through to 'advise online' but, provided you include your own email address, you will get a copy of the input too.